Inter Video provides 24 frame video playback equipment, operators and technical setdressing rentals.

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24 Frame video playback services are our forte!
From providing competent operators to possessing cutting edge equipment for 30, 25 and 24 frame synched playback for computer and video needs, we are at the forefront of playback technology. Material can be played back beautifully and clearly in a variety of flavors from HD-SDI or Mac and IBM platforms. If you seek HDTV playback, look no further.

Sought out for both simple animations and complex scripts that depict multi-tasking, graphics-intensive computers that look completely genuine, we are able to bypass human error by utilizing simple taps on a keyboard to execute our animations for quality and convenience! Certain modifications can be swiftly and easily done on-set should any adjustment be required at the 11th hour, which is certainly not uncommon in our industry.

Rights Cleared artwork up to poster sizes available.

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