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Flare Wireless Controller


Quick info:

430mhz ISM Band radio works 500+ feet doesn’t interfere with other production equipment.

supports up to 16 receivers individually or globally

each receiver supports up to 16 cameras individually or globally configurable

makes rig setup quick by applying changes to all cameras in array.

save presets for configuration to SD card

Monitors battery voltage at the rig

Genlock status and alert if cameras are not locked.

optional odyssey 7q+ start/stop

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Flare Wireless Controller
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Posted Friday, April 29th, 2016

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  1. […] as interchangeable/replaceable lenses, in case of special needs or if a lens is damaged. We have wireless remote control for the 2KSDI and 4KSDI rigs allowing the array to be set up quickly from up to 500 feet […]

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