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Professional Video Playback Software

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time-limited client and server demo available.
controller requires a dongle to run for longer than 5 minutes.

Download Software Here:

Demo Movie here:


See support page for Instructions,FAQ and key assignments.


Supports Mac Os 10.7 - 10.9 (10.10 ? )


Client setup Screen Shot:

Controller Screen Shot:

Synchronize playback on up to 16 video feeds
from a central control point.

Set in and out points.
4 additional queues available.
Each feed can have a different time offset.

Background feeds can be allowed to freerun.

Effect Processing can be disabled from the controller
on a per feed basis.

All media types supported by quicktime are supported.

Scaling options for best fit of media to screen.

Global Color Temperature

Built-in Color Bars Generator

External effect plugin system for custom effects ie, static/interference, false color for fake night vision look, etc… All effects use quartz core processing for maximum framerate and quality.

Each feed has color adjustments and gamma to compensate for individual displays.

Media is played either locally or from any supported server across the network, not streamed or transcoded by the controller.


*Each feed will need to be connected to an ethernet switch. dhcp is not necessary, but all feeds will need to be on the same subnet if addresses are assigned.
**Wifi is not recommended for frame accurate performance, if +/- a bit response times are ok, then wifi works.

See attached screen shots…
contanct nclark@intervideo24.com for more info

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