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IOI Flare 4K Camera on location in San Francisco


Shooting with the IOI Flare 4K Camera on location in San Francisco.

San Francisco offers an excellent opportunity to compare footage shot on new cameras with footage shot at the same locations in past years. In the past these tests have required at least 2 crew membersĀ  to move the required equipment. The current package is light enough to be operated by just one person. The complete package weighs around 20 Lbs and will operate for 4 Hrs on a single 130Ah battery. An Odyssey7Q+ provides both monitor, WF monitor and recorder for the shoot. ( RAW record option in June) The lens used was a Sigma 18 to 35mm f1.8 Cine modified lens with a PL mount.
The IOI Flare 4K installed on a Jony Jib2 – 15 using a 10lb capacity PT head and a CineGears wireless lens control system. Total weight on the PT head is under 10lbs. The camera electronics can be accessed from the monitor position. Lens Control is from the accompanying Lens Control Work Station

Inter Video will have all of these items on display at CINEGEAR Expo. Stage 31 Booth S215 June 5 & 6 at Paramount Studios

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